Densely packing DBs with Azure SQL

Densely packing DBs with Azure SQL

Azure SQL Databases (or Managed Instance) are great options over self-hosting and managing SQL Server, there are several advantages for example it drastically reduces management overhead of having to manage the Virtual Machine, HA setup etc.

However, when it comes to hosting a large number of databases for example as an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) you might have 1000's customer databases, so questions you might have are like:

  • Which Azure SQL DB should I choose [Managed SQL, Elastic Pool - vCore/eDTU)?
  • What if I can host multiple customers on a single database using separate Schema?
  • How can I keep per customer cost low, while using Azure SQL?

Here is a simple spreadsheet and video overview you can use to get a quick ballpark figure (Spreadsheet: here)

How to use DB-Pricing Spreadsheet?

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