The big serverless announcements for Microsoft Ignite 2019

The big serverless announcements for Microsoft Ignite 2019

A lot of exciting announcements this year at Microsoft Ignite here is a quick 1 min summary.

  • Premium function plan now generally available - helps avoid the cold start problem enabling you to build truly event driven systems,  also allows you to take advantage of premium features required for hi-performance and low latency processing
  • PowerShell support in Azure Functions, now generally available
  • Python 3.7 support, also improvements under the hood to enable the fast roll out of newer versions
  • .NET Core 3.0 preview support enabling you to use the latest EF core and SQL features
  • Azure Monitor logs now can easily be exported to other APM tools like Splunk
  • Managed Certificate, an App Service feature, now enables you to ask Azure to buy and manage cert for your custom domain

Durable Function 2.0 Generally Available

  • Durable entities allow you to persist state very useful to build stateful apps, IoT and implement Actor Model pattern.
  • Upcoming reminder function for Durable Entities that can trigger a function after a specific interval, e.g. IoT device entity status if not received in 1-minute auto mark device as not available

If you got 15 minutes, The big serverless announcements video is worth a watch!

Microsoft Ignite
Microsoft Ignite ,Microsoft annual gathering of technology leaders and practitioners. November 4-8, 2019 in Orlando, FL #MSIgnite

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