Kubernetes Announcements at Build 2020

Kubernetes Jun 08, 2020

Build 2020, had a lot of exciting announcements. Here is a quick cheat sheet of all the key announcement related to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

Generally Available

  1. Windows Server Containers Support for AKS
  2. Private Link and Private Cluster Support, i.e. ability to isolate Kubernetes API server within your virtual network
  3. Azure Advisor Integrations, check it out to see how it is providing real-time recommendations to optimise your AKS deployments


  1. Azure Arc Enabled Kubernetes Cluster in public preview
  2. AKS Resource Provider on Azure Stack (private preview)

Productivity Tools

  1. VS Code extension – CI build and deploy for Azure App Service and AKS
  2. Azure CLI extension supports deployments to Azure Kubernetes Service and Azure Container Instance
  3. Kubernetes deployed application written in Java, Node.JS, .Net Core will now allow export telemetry to Azure Application Insights without the need for the application to be instrumented using the Azure SDK (codeless attach).

Want to know all that was announced at Build 2020, here is the book you need

Home - Microsoft Build 2020 Book of News
Microsoft Build 2020 Book of News

Kunal Babre

Azure and Kubernetes Certified Cloud Architect, with a passion for building robust cloud architecture. I work with strategic customers to spearhead their journey into the Cloud.

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