Migrating to Cloud with Azure Migrate

Migrating to Cloud with Azure Migrate

Are you planning on migrating your applications to Azure? here are some great links to help you get started.

Azure Migrate brings all the tools that will help you migrate servers (windows and Linux), Web applications, databases, Virtual Desktops, or simply large amount of data under one roof.

Azure Migrate - Migration Features

Azure Migrate Overview

Hyper-V, VMware, Physical Server no problem all are supported.

Azure Migrate for Application

Want to modernise and leverage PaaS (App Service) for your on-Prem applications, there is a tool in the box to help you assess that quickly!

also here is migration checklist when moving to Azure App Service

Migration checklist when moving to Azure App Service | Azure blog and updates | Microsoft Azure
I have been continuously getting requests from customers, colleagues and partners around what to consider when migrating applications to Azure PaaS service but more specifically to the App Service.

ASP.NET applications to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

There is also a new Azure Migrate service in preview that enables you to containerize ASP.NET applications and run them as Windows containers on AKS. You can sign up for this service here.


Want to do something similar with the databases - there is a tool for that too!

It's not just SQL Server - See here

Virtual Desktops

You can scale Virtualized Windows desktops and apps on Azure with ease too! Attend an online webinar to learn more.


What about securely moving terabytes of data in or out of Azure, this is where Azure Databox service comes in picture - simply put instead of transferring data over the wire you ship it on physical device called Azure Databox. Azure Databox service given you four choices of physical devices to choose from to import data, all data uploaded is AES encrypted and devices are wiped cleaned after upload.  

Learn more about Data Box offering here

What about?

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