Cloud Migration with Azure Migrate

Cloud Migration with Azure Migrate

Are you planning to migrate your workloads to Azure? Then I will highly recommend learning about an Azure Migrate tool from Microsoft.

Azure Migrate brings all the first party and lot of third-party tools that will help you migrate servers (windows and Linux), web applications, databases, Virtual Desktops, and large amount of data under one roof.

Migration with Azure Migrate


Hyper-V, VMware, Physical Server no problem all is supported by Azure Migrate. It helps you target your VMs on any platform, enables you to visualise dependencies across applications with details like a port used for connections, helps you with sizing and costing as well as test migrations.  

Azure Migrate Overview

There are four key tools that Server Migration provides

  1. Discovery Tool, this helps you discover (take inventory - Compute, Storage, OS etc!) and assess (Cloud readiness) your servers in datacentres.
  2. Assessment Tool - helps you estimate costs of running a similar/optimised environment in Azure regions.
  3. Dependency Analysis - Helps you identify dependencies across application and within application tiers with details like ports used for connections.
  4. Migrate: This allows you to replicate VMs into Azure and perform Test migrations and real migrations.


Want to do something similar with the databases - there is a tool for that too! The tool helps you analyse migration readiness and perform near-zero downtime migrations.

It's not just SQL Server - See here

Web Apps

Want to modernise and leverage PaaS (App Service) for your on-Prem applications, there is a tool in the box to help you assess that quickly!

Migrate Applications to Azure App Service

Also, in case you would want to explore options to containerize and migrate applications to AKS you can try Azure Migrate’s new App Containerization tool (see here).

ASP.NET to AKS using Azure Migrate
Java web apps to AKS using Azure Migrate

Virtual Desktops

You can scale Virtualized Windows desktops and apps on Azure with ease too! Attend an online webinar to learn more.


Moving 100 TB of data on 100 Mbps line can take 88 days! so, if you are planning to move large amount of data quickly, inexpensively, and reliably then consider using Azure Data Box. This allows you to securely ship your data using physical devices and high-speed network interfaces. See Data Box Overview.

Hmm what about?

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